SiGeKo (Health and Safety)

Health and Safety Protection Coordinator

In addition to our services in the field of project planning, construction supervision and electrical planning, we offer the service of a SiGeKo-expert for all projects as well as independently.

With the corresponding expertise in relation to construction as well as health and safety protection, and coordinator skills acquired through years of experience, we cover the control of the regulations on work safety on construction sites according to the prior art.

"In line of the duties mentioned in §3 BaustellenVO, the coordinator has to support both the client and other parties involved in the construction in their cooperation with regard to the integration of health and safety, at times of planning the execution, as well as during the execution of construction projects. [The coordinator] has to contribute with [his/her] activities to a secured running of the construction project, the construction process and the subsequent work on the physical building at all times."
BaustellenVO RAB 30 pt 1)
Note: this is not an official translation of the paragraph. The paragraph is available in German; please click here for the official phrase (in German).