Electrical Engineering

Our performances in electrical engineering:

  • Consultation on infrastructural development of the turbines;
  • Calculation of power dissipation in order to optimise the cable-cross sections;
  • Support with regards to specification of transfer station by considering demands of operator as well as the possibility of later extension and necessary spare space in order to reach SDL-ability of the machines;
  • Execution of all medium voltage circuits up to 36 kV;
  • Preparation of all essential wind park characteristics for the operator in order to reach the SDL-payment.
  • Planning of the project’s communication connection considering all demands of the WEC manufacturer as well as necessary preconditions for later availability of machines;
  • Adjusment of all technical specifications regarding power grid connections with the operator;
  • Preparation of tenders of invitation for electro-technical external site planning and internal sectors as well as an optimal placing of orders and cost-oriented supervision of execution made by subcontractors;
  • Advice on technical consideration and dimensioning.