Construction Management

Support on Planning

During the so-called on-site inspections we evaluate your planned project regarding area conditions, options for road-building in order to transport any components, options for power connection, an optimal interconnection of internal paths and cable route as well as an optimal interconnection of the project’s grid connection.

As part of the preparation of your project, we pre-calculate the cable-cross sections of your medium-voltage alignments by which we can offer you a profitable and optimised power transport of your engine's output.


Construction Management and Execution

All building activities needed for the construction of the WEC will be prepared, designed and executed.

We start with analysing all documents, prepare the invitations of tender and conduct all negotiations regarding the placing of orders and the subsequent contracts.

The technical and chronological co-ordination is only one part of our performances.
We further supervise the construction and the compliance with conditions regarding building and other requirements and regulations.